Terms and Conditions for Vale Vintage Wedding Car Hire

  1. Clients are asked and advised to inspect the vehicle before entering in to this contract. If the client goes ahead and books the car without inspection, then Vale Vintage Wedding Car Hire cannot accept any responsibility towards the client if the vehicle hired out to the client is not as expected in any way
  2. The car will be delivered with the chauffeur to the address on the booking form, on the day, in a clean, polished and presentable state, both internally and externally. Vale Vintage Wedding Car Hire will take no liability for any marks or stains acquired on clothing or persons from any part of the vehicle, during the inclusive time of hire
  3. Vale Vintage Wedding Car Hire will allocate the car for a specified date upon request and subject to availability. However this date will only be confirmed upon receipt of £50 deposit, which is non refundable.
  4. Vale Vintage Wedding Car Hire will invoice the client with the balance of the amount to be paid six weeks before the date of hire and the invoice must be paid no later than thirty days before the booked date of hire
  5. Cancellations should be received in writing either by email or post. If cancellation is received under thirty days of the agreed day of hire, then the balance must still be paid in full.
  6. Whilst Vale Vintage Wedding Car Hire will make very effort to ensure the vehicle is fit for purpose, in the unlikely event of vehicle failure, either before or during the hire day, then another vehicle will be offered as a substitute at a reduced rate, to be arranged with the business owner, or a full refund will be offered, paid back to the client within twenty eight days of the day of hire
  7. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure that routes to the chosen venue(s) are clear and free from traffic problems, Vale Vintage Wedding Car Hire will not be held responsible for unforeseen circumstances on the roads or with any other vehicles or situation encountered either on the journey to the pick up venue or the wedding/reception venue
  8. No pets will be allowed in the car, neither will smoking of any description, including E cigarettes, drinking of alcohol or consumption of food
  9. The vehicle can only be used on public roads. The exceptions are on private driveways leading to a dwelling house or place of public resort such as a hotel, church or wedding reception venue and must be of a reasonable standard so as not to cause any form of damage to any part of the car. Please bear in mind that the vehicle is old, and needs to be treated with care.Please also be aware that whilst the vehicle is kept in an excellent condition, it will inevitably have a few rattles and squeaks present in most vintage cars!
  10. The car was manufactured before the introduction of seatbelts. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure the health and safety of the clients for the duration of the hire, clients are advised that non-wearing off seatbelts places them at greater risk of injury should any accidents occur.
  11. Photographs will be permitted at any time during the hire time and the chauffeur will be pleased to make stops en route to the venue at the clients request, time permitting. This will be at the discretion of the chauffeur. No responsibility can be accepted for lateness to the venue if the client wishes to make such stops.
  12. No responsibility can be accepted by Vale Vintage Wedding Car Hire for any items left in the vehicle, either during or after the the time of hire. Neither can responsibility be accepted for damage caused to personal possessions in the vehicle, unless Vale Vintage Wedding Car Hire is responsible for the damage.
  13. If the chauffeur deems that any persons due to travel or travelling in the vehicle, to be under the influence of alcohol or unlawful substances, is rude, violent, aggressive or abusive in any way, then Vale Vintage Wedding Car Hire reserves the right to refuse the client/ clients party member access to the car and cancel the contract immediately, with no refund of any monies paid out by the client to Vale Vintage Wedding Car Hire.
  14. In the event of any internal or external damage being caused to the vehicle by the client, the clients guests, or any other party, then the client will be liable for the full cost of repair, to make the car good.