I am delighted to introduce you to my beautiful vintage 1946 Vauxhall 14, Vera!

She is a much loved and recently acquired addition to my vehicle family and I couldn’t be more pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to hire her out for your very special day!

During the Second World War, production at the Vauxhall Luton factory ceased, but in 1945, after the war ended, it began again in earnest. The  cars produced at this time were of the same pre-war design, with a few minor updates and were available to purchase in the UK by November 1946. 80% of manufactured vehicles were exported abroad, with many going to Australia, in fact at one time there was a two year waiting list for purchasers of these sought after motors!

I have waited many years to find this beautifully and lovingly restored  ‘historical gem’, but you don’t have to ! She can be yours, fully chauffeured in vintage style  by myself, to your chosen wedding venue, using the contact form below.

It is a delight and an honour to offer this service to you and my joy to help make your wedding day the best it can be

With my sincere best wishes,

Gary Froud